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Sándor Zicherman
April 6, 1935, Uzhgorod -

In 1958 he started his studies in Lwov's college. After the first year he moved to Leningrad where in 1964 he graduated from "Muchina" School of Applied Arts on the faculty of monumental painting. He was working as a freelance painter in many cities of the Soviet Union, such as Moscow, Perm, Riga, Elista, Togliatti and Samara. Since 1957 he took part in collctive exhibitions. In 1965 he became a member of Association of Soviet Creative Artists. He took part in All-Unions exhibitions as a painter, sculpture, ceramist and tapestry maker. Since 1970 he organized at least two exhibitions every year. In 1989 he moved to Budapest with his family. Apart from Soviet Union and Hungary his diverse works were exhibited in other countries such as Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, and England.